Asia-Pacific Conference on Performance Analysis of Sport, or APCPAS, is going into its fourth edition this year. A bi-annual academic gathering, APCPAS2022 will be yet another milestone for us. Usually this conference is handled by International Society of Performance Analysis of Sports Asia (ISPASA), but we are delighted that this will be the first time we are co-organizing with Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) and Sarawak Sports Psychology Association (SASPA). This will also the first time we are having Malaysian edition of the conference away from our home in Langkawi.

The field of Performance Analysis of Sport, as envisioned, is a conglomerate of 6 academic discipline: Data Analysis, Game Strategy, Sport Nutrition, Bio-Mechanics, Sport Psychology, and Sport Physiology. Thus, co-organizing APCPAS2022 between ISPASA and SASPA is just a natural course.

Being a torch bearer for Performance Analysis of Sport, ISPASA is still in the direction of dissemination of knowledge and practical application of all these academic discipline into the world of sport, commercial, and public.

Come and join APCPAS2022! Experience and contribute, mingle and discuss, and up and foremost – enjoy the hospitality Sarawak has to offer! Let’s make APCPAS2022 a memorable conference!